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Relationship Mini-Journals PLR $27

I came up with this idea when I created a mini-journal for someone who was secretly dating a man she knew her family wouldn’t approve of. She wanted to be sure the relationship was real before she took the next step. I created a “secret relationship” journal so she had a place to write down the good and not-so-good parts of her relationship. It helped her take a look at what was working, what bothered her, what she needed to discuss with him and what she was really looking for. In the process of creating this, I realized it’s a good idea for all of us to take a look at our relationships from time to time and this mini-journal is a quick way to take a snapshot of how we’re feeling in this moment.

As a product for your customers, you can change the name to something other than “secret relationship mini-journal.” You can make it a “private” journal or “diary.” You can just leave it as a relationship journal.

I also wanted to make this product more inclusive. This can be used for romantic relationships or even for family or work relationships. Either way, I felt offering He/She and They options opened up the possibilities. Again, you don’t have to use all of them or you can create more with other options, like Boss, Parent, Sibling, etc.

This product comes with three different designs, each with he/she/they journals. There’s the floral version, the hearts version, and a coloring version. Feel free to change them to fit your niche, brand, theme, etc. You can change the prompts, add extra pages with more prompts, etc.

This is formatted for 8.5 x 11″ paper, with 14 pages in each mini-journal, including the cover page, back page and “belongs to” page. You can choose to use the Canva templates or the .ppt version and only download the ones you want.

This is a digital product and you will not receive a physical product. It comes with a PLR license. Please read the digital products terms and conditions and licensing information before purchasing.

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